Business Rating

Business Rate Advice

The rateable value of a property is calculated based upon a hypothetical letting of the property in 2015 with a hypothetical annual lease in the market in April 2017; based upon rental values applicable in April 2015. From this rates payable are calculated by a Government multiplier which gives the amount to be Billed to the occupier. There are various exemptions and reliefs to this bill and large increases and decreases are phased through transitional surcharges and reliefs.

The rolling five yearly revaluation of all non residential property, was due in April 2015 but postponed by the Government and now took place in April 2017.


Unlike previous revaluations, acceptance of an appeal against a new rate is no longer automatic and a reasoned case has to be made before an appeal is to be accepted by the Valuation Office. [VO] This, plus the time scales and cut off dates, does make it vital to act early as appeals cannot always be backdated even if the figure is obviously wrong. Other action may also be appropriate to reduce the overall bill.

The reason for this change is the inefficiency of the existing appeals system which is also open to abuse. Currently, large numbers of appeals are lodged in a hope of negotiation of a reduction but not then seriously followed up and the appeal is eventually transferred to the Valuation Tribunal who dismisses it.

The level of proof and discretion [ and any appeal against a VO not accepting an appeal ] is as yet unknown. The whole property holding therefore needs to be assessed for business rates and reasoned appeals lodged if initial objections to the check is unsuccessful.

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